Hans Poo,
Web developer & Linux Consultant

Welinux S.A, Bombero Ossa # 1010 oficina 526, Santiago, Chile
Office: +56-2-372.9770, Mobile: 9-319.93.05

I spend most of time building Enterprise Web Applications using Object-Oriented Analysis and Design in Java, Eclipse and Linux, some Perl hacking too.

Short History

I started working professionally in the year 1991, primarily in IBM mainframes using CICS, CSP, VSAM, IDEAL, JCL. 
In mid-1993 changed the mainframe by the visual world of client-server at that time, especially with Sybase, Visual Basic and SQL Server. 
Eventually i was invited to participate in some Multimedia projects, which in 1995 were entering our country. This period was very entertaining, and also was mixed with some development and introduction in my life of Case tools for modeling databases. After a year i hired again to work for Banks and Financial Institutions using Mainframes and some SCO Unix. 

In early 1997 I began to support a group of designers who needed to put database content on their pages, and so investigation lead me to Perl, i get caught and we started to build everything for the Web in Perl and th backoffice in Visual Basic all this with Oracle running on an old Sun 1000E. In late 1999 I was introduced to Linux by one of my colleagues, like many changes, “i resisted it, but it was the best I could have done”. Currently i pass my life between developing web solutions in Opensource platforms and as Consultant, Advisor and Teacher in various subjects related to Objects,  Java, Perl, Linux and the Internet.


Provide comprehensive solutions in information technologies based mainly on Linux environment. Integral in the broadest sense of the word, that is completely covering the life cycle of software products and the set of technologies for their exploitation:

Development: Ellipse, Java, Apache Click MVC Framework, Apache Cayenne ORM, pgadminIII, SQLeonardo.
Design: Gimp, Inkscape.
Server and Services: Linux, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Zimbra, Pentaho, Postfix, Clamav, Spamassassin, Bind, openwebmail, Samba.
Software Engineering: Iterative Development, evoliucionario, Agile Alliance. Oriented Analysis and Design Objects, Layers, UML and Patterns.

Web Services, CSS, XML, Ajax, Database, Zimbra email, Pentaho Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Linux Firewalls, Security, Replication, Slony PostgreSQL, Squid, Postfix, Amavisd, Mysql, Object Oriented Perl, Custom Frwameworks, Axis, SAX parsers.

Formal Studies

1988-1999: Programmer at Campvs Institute
2000 – 2003: Computer engineering at Campvs Institute.

For most of what i currently know i'm self taught with books bought at amazon, many thanks to the computer scientists who take the time to write what they know.


21 years developing software in many environments. In recent years I have been involved in Perl and Linux community. I have taught and spread the open source as a complete production environment and development, and have directed and trained several generations of programmers. Two major periods:

1991 - 1997: IBM Mainframes, VAX, Unix, Windows.
1997 - 1999: Web technology Perl, Visual Basic Oracle.
2000 - 2007: 100% Linux, Web Apps almost exclusively Perl and PostgreSQL
2008 onwards: Java, Eclipse, SVN, Trac, Tomcat, Ant


In addition to several workshops with teams of programmers, I have taught at the following institutions:

    * Linux Center: Linux & Administration PostgreSQL, Java, UML
    * ITTraining: Linux & Perl, mod_perl
    * CIISA: Linux & Web Development


Spoken and written English: 2006 graduate Listening & Speaking in the Chilean North American Institute.


Perl: HTML:: Myasp: My old beast (i better should have used Template Toolkit but i needed to reinvent the wheel) this is a module for generating web pages, published in the Official Site of Perl's CPAN: http://search.cpan.org/~hanspoo/HTML-Myasp-0.05/lib/HTML/Myasp.pm
openwebmail: Highlight Patch cells for openwebmail web mail reader, the code is currently included in the official distribution of the program.
Mod Perl Docs: Mod_perl Visual Guide, published on my own website.
Virus: Delete virus in mbox mail files with clamav: cleanmbox.pl, published on my website.
Perl/Postgres: Script perl para ver diferencias de esquemas en bases de datos: http://www.mail-archive.com/pgsql-general@postgresql.org/msg150592.html
Umbrello/Perl: Script perl de ingenierķa reversa para crear formato de Modelador Umbrello http://uml.sourceforge.net/developers/perl2xmi
Pentaho: Tip para ejctuar Pentaho en otro puerto http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/COM/Run+bi-server+in+another+port+and+address

Tips page (somewhat outdated): http://www.welinux.cl/hans/tips.html, published on my website

Hans Poo
Santiago, October 2010